About Larry

My biggest pride and joy is my family, my wonderful,  supporting wife and my two daughters age 9 and 12.
Additionally we are a foster family and have provided a home to many many kids since 2001.  At any one time we will have up to 4 additional children in our home.   Additionally my wife and daughters have a dog rescue, re-homing 200+ pets a year into their new "Forever" home.  So our house can be quite busy with the children, their friends and also the rescued animals we foster.

Born and raised in California in 1961, growing up in San Jose.  During my childhood I spent my elementary school years living in Brea, when there was no Brea Mall and the oil fields were active, less than 15000 in population when my family moved there in 1965.

AS - Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, California
BS - San Jose State University

Previous Employment:
Starting in 1980 until 2003, I worked in the high tech sector of Silicon Valley, my last position managing global sales for a Fortune 500 company.  In addition to managing a sales force that sold to customers that included tier one global computer corporations,  I was responsible for the establishment of regional warehouse leases  and JIT inventory supply management.  Establishing and maintaining supply chain, from overseas factories through delivery to the customer's assembly facilities.  Annual global sales in excess of $500 million per year.

I decided to leave the high tech sales sector in 2003.  Excessive travel and the time away from my wife and young children being the reason.  Spending a few weeks every month on the road, domestically and internationally had lost its appeal. 

Real Estate:

For 2017 I was very honored to been awarded REALTOR of the YEAR by the High Desert Association of REALTORS.
Elected to High Desert Association of REALTORS Board of Directors for 2019/2020.

I had always handled my family's real estate dealings and enjoyed it, buying and selling homes starting in the 1970s.    
I looked at the Real Estate profession as not just my next job but a career I fell in love with.   Real Estate provides a means to utilize my extensive sales, marketing, and contract experience.   Real Estate provides me with my greatest reward, which is helping my client's with their largest and most important purchases and sales.  Insuring that their needs and requirements are not only met but exceeded.  Educating and leading my clients through the transaction to insure that not only does the transaction close but that thier finances are protected and thier  liabilities are limited.

I am a Broker Associate for Z REALTY. BRE# 01715827.   As a Broker not only does the California DRE hold me to a higher standard than a sales person, but I hold myself to a higher standard.  

I am a results driven, visionary professional.  I personally have a strong code of ethics and provide a  high standard of services.  Real Estate is not my job it is my career and I  start every day with that outlook.   I work to provide my client's a level of service that not only meets their expectations but exceeds their expectations.  I pride myself on the services I provide to my clients.  Whether you are selling or buying,  my service will insure you get the best possible results.  Regardless of a $10000 vacant lot or a multi-million dollar commercial building, I provide the same level of service and attention to details.   

My vast experience and continued education will work for your best results!  I am currently an active member of the Victor Valley Association of REALTORS  Commercial and MLS committees.

I am also a trainer in my office, teaching agents in areas that include contracts, disclosures, buyer's agent practices, listing agent practices and Listing marketing.

My purpose as your REALTOR®:

When buying a new property my main responsibility is not to find you that property, that is just a small step in the purchase process.  My main responsibilities are:
  • Educate you on the market conditions, lending process and current purchase process and laws.  
  • Provide  you with a detailed property valuation.
  • Investigate local government liens and penalties.
  • Writing your offer in a strong but also protective format.
  • Presenting and negotiating your LOI and/or purchase offer with the seller.
  • Working with your lender to insure a smooth and on time closing.
  • Working with escrow to meet all document requirements.
  • Insuring that you achieve all the required timelines.
  • Managing your inspections and action items.
  • One mistake can not only cost you money but can also cause the transaction to be canceled.
When listing your property my main responsibility is not to just put it in the local MLS, that is just a small step in the listing/selling process.  My main responsibilities are:
  • Educate you on the market conditions and seller disclosure laws.
  • Educate you on the areas and questions you should ask your CPA or tax professional or attorney.
  • Provide a detailed property valuation to get you the highest possible price.
  • List your property on all major real estate websites.
  • Market your property to all local real estate agents and brokers.
  • Market your property to potential buyer's via a proven property marketing plan.
  • Show your property to potential buyers.
  • Confirm the credit worthiness of buyers and the difference in offers.
  • Insure that the purchase contract is written in your favor and with the least possible risk.
  • Negotiate for the best possible purchase agreement.
  • Seller disclosure management (don't want to break any laws).
  • Escrow management.
  • Buyer Lender management.
  • Buyer agent management.

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