Larry Mason's Premium Services offer a full array of commercial services to assist you in your desire to acquire, lease, sell or dispose, develop or manage any commercial property interest.

My services include:

Investor Portfolio Analysis
    - Assemblage
    - Site Acquisition / Disposition
    - 1031 Coordination
    - Operation Analysis
    - Negotiation and Preparation
    - Lease Analysis
    - Due Diligence Coordination
Financial Plan Structuring
    - Property Valuation
    - Fair Market Value Analysis
    - Sell / Hold Analysis
    - Sale / Leaseback
    - Lease vs. Own Studies
    - Tax Impact Studies 
    - Prospect Group Targeting
    - Identification of Strengths
  - Material Preparation
Acquisition / Disposition

Municipality Approvals
    - Permits and Entitlements
    - Enviromental Impact  
Rent and Occupancy Studies
    - Tenant Retention 

Commercial Information
           and Analysis Reporting
    - Site Analysis
    - Lease Evaluation
    - Financial Investment Structuring
    - Market Information
            Trend Reports
            Extensive Demographic reports
            Graphic and map profiles
    - Tenant Relation Intervention
    - Re-Lease Negotiations
    - Market Gaps Identification 



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