Starting with the 2009 housing market, there has never been a more exciting time to purchase a home.   Home prices are still at record setting lows. 

You can purchase a home today for less than the cost of the building materials, getting the cost of the garage, land and permits for free. 

Larry Mason 
will insure you see the latest properties the moment the hit the market and you get the best possible price and RESULTS.

My role is to educate, assist, and work with you to insure the best possible home buying experience. 
I will work with you to:
  • Educate you on the market conditions, lending process and current purchase process and laws.
  • Help with your loan process - the first and most important step in buying a home
  • Help with determining your wants and needs within your budget and pre-approved loan amount
    • Cites or locations of choice
    • Maximum purchase price
    • Minimum number of bedroom and bathrooms
    • Minimum size is square feet
    • Minimum year built
    • other criteria
  • Preview properties that meet your criteria
    • explain any HOA or Special Tax Assessments.
  • Writing your offer in a strong but also positive format for the listing agent and seller.
  • Presenting and negotiating the offer
  • Work with your lender in insure a smooth and on time closing.
  • Work with escrow to meet all document requirements.
  • Insure that you achieve all the required timelines.
  • Physical inspections
  • Request for repairs
  • Home warranties

To Download a more extensive outline of the buying process: 

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